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Who We Are

Humility Clothing rose out of the concrete of two failed brand attempts and multiple failed bar exams.  David Garvin Jr. was in Los Angeles, CA visiting his best friend when he realized fashion could be more than clothing it could be and is art, expression, and creativity.  The name came from the Humbled Beginnings that David experienced as a child into his adulthood. 


In October of 2015 David made his first tees and sweatshirts.  He knew that it was his time to keep going with the brand once he realized that in the month of October he had made four figures in sales with little to no advertising.  Therefore, he decided to not only continue the brand but to build it into a community brand that works for the people and not just take from the people.   


Starting in 2016 David took the brand and made it into a philosophical brand that focused on helping various communities and countries.  This lead to donating over 500 gallons of water to Flint, MI, keeping over 30 young women in school in Uganda, and sponsoring a students tuition in Kenya and more...  


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