Tj Dunaway Scholarship

The TJ Dunaway Scholarship’s purpose is to provide financial help to students in their first year of college.  The scholarship is to recognize student leadership while encouraging academic excellence.   This scholarship is also to serve the purpose of honoring the late TJ Dunaway who was a man with incredible integrity, humility, and charisma.


Recipient: Taelor Davis

Taelor Davis is a freshman at North Carolina Central University where he has chosen to further his education.  Mr. Davis is our first recipient of the T.J. Dunaway Scholarship.  He displays Humility in many aspects of his life as we were able to learn more about him through his application and further conversation.  We appreciate Mr. Davis for his hardwork and stride for greatness.  


Charitable Works 

OUR Why?

Humility Clothing Co. is a firm believer of giving more than you receive.  The brand was founded on the principle of helping the community through fashion.  Fashion is a gateway to not only wear individual art but, it also allows the brand to give back in different communities around the world to promote unity.  We strive to use our proceeds in a positive way while becoming a staple brand throughout the fashion industry.  

OUR How?

The brand is striving to change communities by introducing positive statements, art, and imagery that creates and pushes a positive culture forward throughout society.  When we say community it has a global focus because we are all human beings with a common goal to better ourselves and the people around us.  

Clean Water Initiative

In February of 2016 we created the "Clean Water" initiative where we were able to donate over 500 bottles of water to Flint, MI, during the water crisis.  We were fortunate to be able to partner with Hillside High school in Durham, NC in a way where we provided the water and they provided the personal delivery to Flint, MI.  


Kenya Project

In the Fall/Spring of 2016-2017 we were given the opportunity to partner with Hustle Hard Global in DC to help young women receive an education in Kenya, Africa.  We took profits from our season and funded the project.  The funds from the season's profit went towards the tuition of a student in Kenya. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 12.50.37 PM.png

Keep Girls In School Project

In the Spring/Summer of 2017 we worked with Malimu Tahakabar of EliHam Girl Child Charity House. The Keep Girls in School project has helped supply young women with the necessary tools to stay in school.  Our funding helped supply countless materials to young women around Uganda in various schools these supplies ranged from books to sanitary napkins.