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Kofie Yeboah

Kofie Yeboah is from Raleigh, North Carolina. Kofie is a Social Media Producer at  He is kind of a Swiss Army knife because he does social media, some video work, some video game work, some podcast work and some writing. When it comes to this industry, he prioritizes staying true to himself.

Kofie states "I want to stay true to myself first because I think that’s the best way to stay true to others and that's why the Humility brand speaks to me"

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Dante Sellers

Dante Sellers is currently an actor and public figure in Georgia.  He has been part of multiple films and theatrical performances, while striving to showcase his talents throughout film industry.

Dante uses his Humility Clothing platform to aligned with his Public Brand, Stay Smooth, to promote Self Love, Self Image, and Creativity.
- @staysmoothsells

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Jamaal Searcy

Jamaal Searcy is 19 years old, from a small town called Walnut Cove, North Carolina.  He attends North Carolina Central University, as a Mass Communication student, minoring in Writing, with a concentration in Journalism. At NCCU, he is known to be highly involved in various things, such as; Royal Court, Residential Life, Eagle Experts, Kings Corner VP, and a former Orientation Leader.

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Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson attends the preeminent North Carolina Central University where she is a third year psychology student. Aside from being an honors student at the University and serving as a student leader, she is known to be a fashion enthusiast!  Her ultimate goal is to become a consumer psychologist in the fashion industry!  She is a free spirit and a supporter of individuality! 


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Descendent MC

Descendent is from Newport News, Virginia and since childhood, music has been an important aspect in his life. Currently living in New York City, he continues to excel in his music career. Descendent's music can be heard on Power 750 AM, WXDU 88.7 FM, and on "And You Don't Stop and Songs That Mean Something" radio shows hosted by Chuck D from Public Enemy on  Descendent's style is a mix between soulful, boom bap, and high energy that reaches the people through his lyrical content.


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A Humility Brand Ambassador will not only have a sense of style but they will uphold the brands core values of the brand.  We ask that all our brand ambassadors display a charitable attitude throughout their life journey.  Our ambassadors are a direct reflection of the brand day in and day out and for that they are truly appreciated.  As we commit to the growth of our ambassadors, we know that we would not be us without them.    

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