4 Things you MUST do to grow your passion.

As an entrepreneur or person that’s looking to grow within their industry of choice this article is to give you insight on the things that you must take and implement daily to see growth from your passion.  Success can be a widespread of things based on the person.  The 4 Must do’s are Believing, Conceive, Promote the law of attraction, and Persistence. 

Believing in yourself is the number one thing you must do to grow, not only your business, but to grow from within.  Steven Schussler states in “It’s a Jungle in there” that there is power in thinking that you can do therefore you can achieve.(Schussler, S., & Karlins, M. (2011).Believing that you can succeed helps you get one step closer to greatness.  However, you can’t doubt yourself, as fear can play a major part into the downfall of a person.  Therefore, you must take belief that everything you want can happen no matter how big or small the dream is. 

When it comes to passions, I am a firm advocate that everyone has to be a creator.  Everyone has to know how to fantasize about the opportunities they want to take and the success they want to gain.  In order to grow big you have to know what you want to grow into.  Without having a destination you create a direction.  That is why Conceiving is a must in taking the step to grow. 

Once you conceive ideas, next you must practice daily the law of ATTRACTION.  The law attraction focuses on the way a person thinks and the energy they put into the universe.  If you put negativity into the universe you will receive negativity HOWEVER, if you put positivity into the universe you will receive positive results.  Taking out the negative thoughts of “I can’t” “That’s impossible” will allow you to plug in positive thoughts throughout the day.  Taking control of this part of your life even when things aren’t going your way will create a boomerang effect in the universe. 


The fourth and last thing you MUST do and add to your character is to grow is persistence.  Times will become rough throughout your journey but from a recent P. Diddy interview I watched, he stresses the persistence you must have in order to truly succeed in any industry.  There are times in life that everything will be great, and because it’s great your enemy that goes by the name procrastination has the opportunity to sneak up and effect your progress in your process.   You have to cancel out your procrastination by practicing consistency and if you are consistent in believing in yourself, being passionate, and conceiving ideas throughout your career and goals you will achieve maximum growth. 


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