The Effects of Burning Bridges

Burning bridges has become something that is frowned upon in business and corporate America.  We are taught that burning bridges can have a highly negative impact on your personal brand and in some cases your business brand.  It depends on the relationship between the persons or businesses at the end of each side of the bridge.  I truly believe that there are some instances where burning a bridge is the necessary thing to do. 

Liz Ryan whom is a contributor for Forbes stated in her article “Never Burn Bridges—except in these Five Cases” that you should burn a bridge if you might be tempted to use it again.  At first glance you are likely to say “that is the reason you wouldn’t burn a bridge.”  In this case you would burn the bridge if the environment you were leaving is toxic to you because financial stress is likely to have you wanting to put yourself in an environment that is detrimental to you. Therefore if you burn the bridge you are more likely to not put yourself in a contradicting situation.  

Liz continued in her article to speak about burning bridges with those who try to dim your light.  We all have a light in this universe that is used to shine bright to others.  When there is someone that is constantly putting you down, or constantly speaking negativity towards you or your achievements.  In this type of situation you do not want to allow someone to have the power to make you feel inferior.  Therefore, it is truly ok to burn that bridge because it will be for your sanity and your pride.  Surround yourself by those that appreciate what you can bring to the table. 

Burning bridges can be good or bad it just depends on what bridge you’re burning and for what reasons.  Put yourself first and do what makes you happy.  The more you can concentrate on the positive the easier it will to know what should be burned and what shouldn’t be burned.


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