Perception is Everything

Perception is the way a person understands and interprets something.  The mental impression you get when you see someone is the same way someone will interpret your business once they see it or hear about it for the first time.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you stand out in a positive way especially when your name and identification is being circulated in the market. 

Steven Schussler  of “It’s a jungle in there” speaks about creating positive press.   There are so many ways to create positive press for a company.  If you choose to add a charity event to your business you will be able to capitalize off of your charity thorough the positive images that will be heard about through the market to your customers.  The more positive things that you do as a company in the community you will be able to receive free positive press which in turn will promote your consumers to buy more product in support of a cause and good company.  

Another way to enhance a positive perception would be to help others obtain their goal when you have the opportunity.  Time is truly important to any entrepreneur as entrepreneurs do not have a lot of time to spare.  Therefore, when you sacrifice your time to help others achieve their goals you will give off the perception, which should be true that you care about others, and sometimes many may say more than yourself depending on how often you help others.  When it comes to business we should always keep Humility as a major part of our character and attitude.  We would not have gotten as far as we are as entrepreneurs if there was no one that would have helped us along the way.  Therefore, reach one and teach one.   

David Garvin1 Comment