Give a NO persistence and a Yes will follow!

We have all been told through our journey in life that you must have persistence to get through the adversity that is thrown your way.  The road of entrepreneurship is not easy.  Entrepreneurs face and tackle potential catastrophic situations but it takes them to possess courage and hope that they an survive the moment in order to continue to prosper. Hall, (2012) Having persistence is a strong characteristic that every entrepreneur and person should strive to have.  

As the owner of Humility Clothing Co, I have had to show a lot of persistence throughout the years.  I’ve been turned down from putting my items in stores, to people not contacting me back, however I knew and know that it’s all part of the growing process.   The fashion industry is definitely saturated therefore; setting myself apart from other brands will allow me to receive more of the answers I require than before.  Also, a no has helped me work harder for the brand, identify the small things for the brand that I could make better, which in turn helped me grow the brand. 

As business owners there is no way around hearing a no from people or future business that you may want to do later on.  There is no perfect example in business that can say they never heard a no and received positive feedback for every idea they have brought to the entrepreneur table.   Hall states in his Forbes article that most successful entrepreneurs have started and stopped several enterprises and only a few were able to launch award winning businesses on their first try, however by nature they had persistent souls. (2012)  Therefore, you must understand and take pride in the no that’s given and know that it’s just one step closer to a yes. 

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