Development is a Continuous Experience!

Research and Development is a major key into the creation of the brand.  As an entrepreneur and fashion designer, I can attest to research being a necessity before putting your brand into the market.  If you don’t do enough research in the beginning it will backfire in the end once others in your market ask you questions that pertain to information you should know.  Looking at it from a fashion designer, if I didn’t know what and who the wholesalers were for fabrics and blanks, I would have to charge extremely high prices in order to capitalize on my merchandise.  I was able to obtain this information due to consistent research before I launched the brand.  A company cannot go into development successfully if they do not know where to begin.

Development is a continuous process in business.  An owner must develop its product before and after a product is birthed to the market as Steven Schussler covered in “It’s a jungle in there.”  As the journey to success is a forever learning process you must be willing to change.  After reading an article named “The Big Bang Disruption” by Larry Downes, and Paul Nunes I learned that no matter the market there are changes that may happen that will disrupt the market to a point that will put companies all the way out the market to not being able to return UNLESS, they are able to adapt because they have been working on developing their business and product throughout its career. 

Who do you want to be? Do you want to be that person with an undeveloped idea inside the market place?    If your answer is no then you have to understand that knowing your market and your product entails research and full development of your knowledge and process.  This will help you establish yourself in the market and to create your market space to a point where you have stability throughout your growth process. 

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