3 things you MUST possess to be SUCCESSFUL

Whether you are an entrepreneur or just someone that has goals you must possess Passion, Ambition, and a Dream.   Success doesn’t come easy for anyone; it is achieved through your attitude and outlook on life.  Your input, which is your attitude and outlook will transfer into your output which is your time and work ethic you put into your goals.

Passion is generally known to be a strong feeling of excitement for something or about doing something.  (Passion. (n.d.). Retrieved October 29, 2017, from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/passion).  However, that is only a general definition of passion, because passion goes beyond the excitement for something.  Passion is what’s needed in order to help build confidence and drive.  As humans we have parts of our life that we are not as confident in, due to numerous of reasons rather it be lack of knowledge or fear of criticism.  When you have passion for something it will eventually exude in confidence and create a self-value.  (Smith, J. (2014, May 13). CEO Explains Why Passion Is The Key To Success. Retrieved October 29, 2017, from http://www.businessinsider.com/ceo-explains-why-passion-is-key-to-success-2014-5) which in turn will create respect for ones word and decision making in leadership roles. 

Passion fuels the drive needed to get through those hard times that will occur throughout your business and career.  If a person has no passion for what he/she does then it will show in their work and drive to get things done.  Having passion has great effects but the lack of it has even bigger results that can lead to regret and resentment.  Having Passion is one characteristic needed to be successful but it has a twin sister that goes by the name of Ambition.

Majority of the time ambition is perceived to be the same as passion, however this is false.  Ambition and passion are totally different.  While passion provides the fuel to a persons drive; ambition supplies the desire to make goals happen.  (Schussler, S., & Karlins, M. (2011). Its a jungle in there: inspiring lessons, hard-won insights, and other acts of entrepreneurial daring. New York: Union Square.)  Being ambitious will give you the will you need to be on top.   As we know talent plays a key role in success, but ambition will outshine talent every time. 

While talent is the natural ability to create or do something great, it will only carry you but so far.  Therefore, depending heavily on your talent solely will have a negative effect on performance.  If a person is not ambitious it will likely result in a decrease in their work ethic. 

Lastly you must be a dreamer in order to capitalize off of success.  To dream big is to truly know you can reach heights that others find incapable 95% of the time.  We are all taught at some point in life if your dreams do not scare you they aren’t big enough.  That lesson holds valuable truth to it.   If you go through life limiting yourself what would you be capitalizing off of? Nothing at all, it will be a sure way to make sure you do not reach your full potential.    (Fukuda, M. (2016, January 11). 5 Reasons to Dream Big, Even When You Think You Have No Business Doing So. Retrieved October 26, 2017)

I will not say just because you set a huge dream/goal does not mean you will accomplish it but it  is historically know that those who have achieved high success are those that set out to do something huge against all odds.  (Fukuda, M. (2016, January 11). 5 Reasons to Dream Big, Even When You Think You Have No Business Doing So. Retrieved October 26, 2017,) Having a dream seems so easy to have however, it’s not but everyone needs something that gives them ambition to reach new heights.   Thinking big will force you to be creative because you will create a self-pressure that will likely generate growth. (Fukuda, M. (2016, January 11). 5 Reasons to Dream Big, Even When You Think You Have No Business Doing So. Retrieved October 26, 2017)

Dreams cannot live without ambition and ambition cannot live without passion.  Therefore, let’s create a new equation Ambition x Passion + Dream = Success.  These 3 characteristics are not negotiable to capitalizing on success and your capabilities.   The choices you make today will effect tomorrow so why not invest in you and build you by challenging yourself today.  Therefore, capitalize on your success by capitalizing on your characteristics.   


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