The Humility Brand strives to make the brand a staple in communities around the world through fashion, charitable works, and community engagement. The brand initially started out of the owner David Garvin Jr’s passion for fashion since he was 14 years old. Growing up in a situation where he could not afford the latest styles and trends he began to create his own styles and graphics. After years of putting the his dream to the side to further his education and take care of his youngest son he decided to finish what he started. In 2015 David decided to give birth to Humility and what was one sweatshirt design has now sparked interest around the world through various appearances on celebrities and television like Desus & Mero (Picture Below). The brand envisions to help communities globally, and provide quality clothing that consist of fabrics and designs that promote art, fashion, and positivity.  


The Humbled Initiative


The Humbled Initiative is a North Carolina founded non-profit that focuses on the enrichment of the life experience of the UNDERPRIVILEGED and UNDERSERVED.  The non-profit was started in December of 2017 as a better way to help achieve the various goals and change in the communities we intend to help.   The Humbled Initiative stands for Integrity, Service, & Commitment to global communities and the people that live in them.   We have been fortunate enough to partner with the non-profit to provide assistance to a variety of events and catastrophe's.  Before the partnership of the Humbled Initiative we have had the opportunity to provide over 500 gallons of water to Flint, Michigan during the water crisis while also being able to help young women in Uganda, Africa stay in school.    

The Brand started the T.J. Dunaway Scholarship which helped high school seniors buy books for there first year of school.  This will be an annual scholarship gifted to two graduating seniors that are planning to attend a four year College/University.  We hope to expand the scholarship to more recipients while providing more financial assistance in the near future.